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F 30 (Secretary, Protestant)


This psychic reading given by Edgar Cayce at his home on Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., this 7th day of August, 1934, in accordance with request made by the self – Miss [630], through Active Membership of her mother, Mrs. [2843], in the Ass’n for Research & Enlightenment, Inc.

Present: Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno. Mildred Davis and L. B. Cayce. Born July 12, 1904, shortly before midnight, in Pensacola, Florida.

Time and Place: 4:15 to 4:55 P. M. Eastern Standard Time. …, Ala.(Life Reading Suggestion) [EC started off in strong, emphatic voice, in spite of being tired from laying brick on steps.]


  1. EC: We have the entity and those relations with the universe and universal forces, that are latent and manifested in the personalities of the present entity, now known as [630].
  2. In giving that which may be helpful to this entity in the present experience, respecting the sojourns in the earth, it is well that the planetary or astrological aspects also be given. It should be understood, then, that the sojourning of the soul in that environ, rather than the position, makes for the greater influence in the experience of an entity or body in any given plane. This is not belittling that which has been the study of the ancients, but rather it is giving the UNDERSTANDING of same. And, as we have indicated, it is not so much that an entity is influenced because the Moon is in Aquarius or the Sun in Capricorn or Venus or Mercury in that or the other house, sign, or the Moon and Sun sign, in that one of the planets is in this or that position in the heavens; but rather because those positions in the heavens are from the ENTITY having been in that sojourn as a soul! This is how the planets have the greater influence in the earth upon the entity, see? For the application of an experience is that which makes for the development of a body, a mind, OR a soul. For, how has it been written? “He that knows to do good and doesn’t, to him it is sin.” Then, the altering or changing factor in an influence is the application of the WILL, that which makes a soul, an entity – that dwells in that called man or woman (means the same) – capable, through this gift of the Creator, of being one with the Giver.
  3. Then, in this entity, the experiences or sojourns in the environs in the earth’s solar system are those things that make for MENTAL urges innate and manifested, according to the WILL OF the entity or body now known as [630].
  4. We find Jupiter, then, as the greater ruling force; or the entity’s sojourn in that environ. Not as a physical body as known in the earth, but as a body adaptable to the environs of Jupiter; for there’s life there (not as known in earth), as there is in Saturn, Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Uranus, Neptune, Mars; all have their form – as about the earth, the inhabitants of the air, fire, water – in and out of the earth. The elements about same are inhabited, if you choose, by those of their own peculiar environment.
  5. We find Jupiter making for the experience in the present of the entity being an excellent executive in handling others, in looking after this or that character of associations of individuals with others – THROUGH the entity as the pilot or manager, or guide. And especially will the entity find, from that sojourn in the present experience, there will be brought marital life in the latter or middle portion of this experience; and in relationships with one whose dealings are with (or should be) wheat, grain, cereals, coffee, tea, or those things that have to do with the body-functioning of individuals, groups, masses, classes or nations. In this environ will the entity gain the better in such relationships.
  6. In Jupiter we find also the abilities to meet individuals of every walk of life, to be associated in many environs and many activities of individuals in varied active experiences.
  7. The influences from Mercury, with Uranus, make for the high mental abilities; and an individual, person or entity who may read character easily; thus adapting self – in the mental, the associations and the environs of associations – towards an executive, or as one who may direct the activities of others in their associations with individuals, especially as to such things as COLLECTING – whether money or things, or those things that would deal with the individual life or affairs of individuals – even moneys. As insurance, banking, or the like. All of these come under these influences.
  8. And as the psychic forces are manifested from the Uranian experience, it makes for an individual at times that is considered rather moody; or may be feeling wonderful in body, yet out of the influences may come those things that make for the willies, the blues, the jimmies, or the like, at times; or one that may be called very definite, yet at times very obstinate and at times very INDEFINITE as to whether it will or whether it won’t in whatever the relationships may be! Hence it often keeps not only the friends but the family, and even the male associates, GUESSING as to what will be the activities or the relationships; but this is an ability for a real executive, PROVIDED the entity or soul – in such relationships – knows ITSELF what it is after – and the entity in its experience usually does!
  9. As to the appearances, then, and their influence upon the entity in the present experience:
  10. Before this we find the entity was in very much the same environs as the present surroundings, or the native surroundings of the entity.
  11. The entity was then one rather inclined to the athletic field or sportsmanship; riding a great deal, following hounds, following shooting, following the seeking out of varied activities associated with such surroundings, in that place now known as New Orleans or Biloxi where such relationships first began in this environ.
  12. Then in the name Prince (Lillian, yes), the entity gained and lost; for it was during those periods when there were the very decided stands taken in political situations and developments, for these dealt much with the peoples who were put in rather the position of dependence when their activities, associations or environs had made rather for the ones to be depended upon. Hence it brought in that portion of the experience a VERY disturbed disorder; yet with the change the entity brought much of that ability in the present to act as an executive, for it took charge of the rice fields, cotton plantations, sailing, exchange and barter in the things that pertained to the particular environ in which the entity acted in the capacity of one who lent itself to make for the trades and for the conditions that would make for the better relationships with her own peoples. Many were the people who depended upon the entity or body during the experience, and many may there be in the present who will depend upon the activities and decisions of the entity in relationships to self and to others.
  13. Before that we find the entity was in the French land when there were many changes being wrought by the wars and the exchange between the activities of the Spanish noblemen and the English, that were rather of the rake nature; the German – when the Austrian and German forces were being brought to a higher development.
  14. The entity then was in the household of the Louises in their early portions; or Louis XIV. This made for those experiences that brought to the entity the activities in the royalty, yet ever in those positions where the ENTITY – in the activities, as Louise – made for much of those things that pertained to the benefits to the land through the advice, counsel, tradings of those that were in power. Yet the entity gained and lost, for while the activities brought the entity in the relationships with what may be termed the spiritual forces, or the church, the activities of those during that experience made for the loss of confidence, the loss of the faith in those that PROCLAIM themselves as being in the environ or the position to direct or tell others what to do.
  15. Through these experiences the entity made hardships for self, as to the material sides of things; yet the love of – not pomp, but of order, of primness, of decisions being made that may be directed by ORDERLY ways of handling things, comes from that experience.
  16. Also there were in the experience those things that make for what is ordinarily termed or considered royalty; as brocaded goods, gold, laces, pearls, rubies, etc. And INNATELY has the entity builded in itself visions of many of those things that pertained to the royal robes, the ermines, the large hooks and crooks that went with such, in the ways of walking and activity in the various relationships of groups and individuals.
  17. Before that we find the entity was in that land now known as the Persian, during those periods when there was the rebuilding or the building up of the ways and means for the activities and relationships with groups, and those peoples of many nations who came to the tented – and later the wooded – city as builded in the plains and in the mountains or in the hills.
  18. The entity was among those that were of the INDIAN people who became associated with the leader Uhjltd in that experience or environ, and acted as among what would be termed the first ambassadors – or those who would represent their own lands as in trade, in commerce, in exchange; in the acting as a representative of GROUPS of people, in India, Abyssinia and upper Egypt. For the entity was among those that made many changes back and forth; being, of course, a man, or in the opposite sex during that experience, and in the name Unnle.
  19. In that experience the entity lost and gained, and became one well known in those relationships with many of those in many varied lands; for whether of the spices of Ceylon or the ivory of India or the gold of Ophir or of Abni (?), the entity knew well how, where, WHEN to make not only the commercial change but that which could be – would be – used in the various activities of individuals and groups as they gathered for the various meetings, when others of many lands came to learn first the healing of the body from Uhjltd, and then the lessons of application of the tenets and association of men with their neighbors.
  20. From that relationship in the present comes the abilities to know the valuation of things, time, people, places, in the experience of individuals, or in their relationships with individuals or groups. This is a natural, innate activity in the entity’s experience from that sojourn.
  21. Before that we find the entity was in that land now known as the Egyptian, during those periods when there were the reactions to the people who had come from the Abyssinian and from the Atlantean land; when the activities and the peoples were doubting as to whether the Priest might hold on.
  22. And during those days of the regeneration of the Priest the entity was among those that waited upon the Priest at that particular time during that change; among those that will make for the changes in the experience of the entity of the Priest in this present experience.
  23. The entity gained throughout, being among the chosen ones by the Priest for the activities in the various offices of the temple worship; and even throughout the period of banishment, the period of reconstruction – and again seen in the period of regeneration – the entity aided in KEEPING the balance between the peoples and their activities in the relationships to their spiritual and material life; or acting in that capacity – as may be said – of the superintendent of instruction in the temple worship, as well as to the establishing of FAMILY life in the period; in the name then Eptl-shepat.
  24. Before that we find the entity was in that land now known as Mu, or the vanished land of the Pacific, the Peaceful; during those periods when many of those had risen to power when there were being those banishments and preparations for the preserving; for they had known that the land must be soon broken up.
  25. The entity was among those that journeyed from Mu to what is NOW Oregon; and there STILL may be seen SOMETHING of the worship as set up, in what was the development FROM that set up by the entity’s associates, as the totem or the family tree.
  26. In that experience the entity was in the same sex as at present, but among those that were the leaders; for THEN the women RULED – rather than men.
  27. From that experience in the present we will find that there are RARELY those things pertaining to archaeological or scientific discovery that the entity INNATELY doesn’t know much or a great deal about!
  28. As to the abilities in the present, and that to which it may attain, and how:
  29. As a leader, as a director, as one who may gain for self in the material way, and aid others in the mental, the material and spiritual way, by devising and directing the activities of groups. This, as may be seen, is either in the commercial, the teaching, or the mental relations.
  30. In these activities may the entity gain the greater.
  31. Ready for questions.
  32. Study to show thyself approved unto those forces as thou hast seen in thine experience; first making peace with thy Creator through the knowledge of self and self’s abilities, and directing others in the way of Him that is the light.
  33. We are through for the present.

    Copy to Self
    Copy to Ass’n file


  1. See Physical Rdg., 630-1, on 8/06/31, Par. 4, indicating her life work should be in municipal activities, aiding the unfortunates as individuals and not as “herds or hordes.”
  2. See brother’s rdg. 311-10, Par. 31-A on 11/19/32, indicating their past associations had been in Persia.
  3. 8/03/34 “I’ve been wanting a Life Rdg. for ages. I was born… If questions are usually asked, ask Miss Gladys to think up a few for me. I usually ask things that are superfluous.”


  1. 8/15/34 Letter (on her employer’s letterhead – a bond and mortgage corp.): I am too awed at my reading right now to talk about it. Wasn’t it wonderful, and didn’t it hang a lot of responsibility on my shoulders? In the present day vernacular – ‘I can take it’ – but I better start doing something about it. I wonder why people can’t carry their experiences over into another incarnation so they won’t be 30 years old before their education starts. I know we could, but we don’t.
  2. 12/05/34 She requested a Life Rdg. for her younger sister, Miss [768].
  3. 9/16/40 Reply to Questionnaire:
    1. The reading immediately disclosed that I use only my first name. 2. My positions are always in a more or less executive capacity. 3. My love and appreciation for people makes me adapt myself to them, seeing things from their point of view. Therefore, I enjoy meeting all types. I unconsciously analyze character and my judgment is generally accepted by my business associates. 4. I am moody in the sense that I want to be left alone, and I am obstinate. I am indefinite to others, but inwardly my mind is usually made up. 5. I have a very great love for horses, and the territory around New Orleans, Pascagoula and Biloxi has always held a secret fascination for me. I am supremely happy just to be in any of these places and feel that I have a common interest with the busy shipping industries there. 6. I am experiencing hardships materially in that I can only provide necessities for my family and few luxuries. 7. I am orderly to a painful degree I believe, and am sometimes called “Miss Prim”. I would much rather have one really nice dress than six cheap frocks. 8. Things of an archaeological or scientific nature are of keen interest to me.
    The above sounds rather silly and self-centered doesn’t it, but I am trying to prove my reading unusually accurate.
    Particularly was I interested in my former incarnations and their bearing on conditions in this incarnation. I have always been a believer in reincarnation.
    It explained why I so uncannily could accurately and unconsciously judge character. This has always puzzled me. It showed why I suffer hardships materially in this incarnation. I have always wondered why I could never attain anything for myself.
    It explained the reason for my love for anything psychic or mystical, especially my love for the lands of Mu and Atlantis.
    The reading brought home to me the fact that I was obstinate and indefinite to the point of worrying others. This I am trying to correct.
    The suggestion that I should try to develop further my executive ability. I have never thought that I had such capabilities in spite of the fact that I have been repeatedly told so.
    The suggestion that my indefinite attitude and obstinate nature should be controlled and that my desire to be alone to read and meditate more or less, should be termed as moodiness, and not a dislike for people.
  4. 4/27/42 She requested a Ck.Physical rdg. on her eyes (See 630-3) saying that about 8 mos. ago she had gone to “work for Uncle Sam’s Army.”
  5. 8/19/43 Mother [2843]’s ltr.: “[630] has been put in charge of the Army Emergency Relief Organization, in …, Ind., where she lives. She is humbly proud of this responsibility because she is happiest when she is doing something for someone. She was fortunate enough to find a furnished cottage and likes keeping house to the fullest.”
  6. 5/15/49 Mother [2843] wrote that [630] is now MRS. […]. “She returned from Japan where she and her husband, Major […] had been stationed since the end of the war. They were transferred to California… [630] is at home now recuperating from a very serious eye operation.”



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