Ancient Cities

So, where did these people live?  I have found ancient hydraulic pond systems, terraced gardens, geoglyphs and ritual sites. But, where did they live? Below ground? In Cities or Villages?

I have chosen 3 sites that I think answer this question. I will be adding areas that I think should be visited by archeologists in the future. I chose these locations, because the terraced areas are in tact. And the anomalies in the stone could be remnants of walls. I am hoping to visit these sites this summer, If I find any hard evidence, I will add it to my blog.

I will be adding areas that look like ancient cities and sites in the future. Until I visit these areas personally, I can not be certain of their authenticity. However, I have included them in this presentation to generate discussion regarding the possibility that they are indeed the places where this ancient civilization made their home. It is my personal opinion that they were most likely cliff dwellers. In my future presentations I will make a study of these cliff areas that show signs of habitation.

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Thumbnails below are of the same images. Click to see larger images

The area Below remind me of Chaco Canyon New Mexico. Notice the round and square, rectangle shapes.

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