Children of the Law of One: Is this Lemuria?

I cant think of another subject considered fictional by so many, that has been written and rewritten about more than Atlantis and Lemuria.  So, before you began to think that I am about to ride a dead horse and rehash the same old information, or turn new age crystal healing crap into something new to sell, let me just tell you that this is about finding the location of Lemuria. OK not the actual island that sank, but the ancient city the Lumerians built here in America.

I never really gave much thought about the legends of the ancient Lands of Atlantis or Lemuria. In fact, I live in Northern California, close to Mt Shasta, and there are plenty of legends and stories about the Lemurians that supposedly live under the mountain. And I am guilty of making my fair share of Mt Shasta Lemurian jokes. I never believed any of those stories so, the last thing I expected was to write about finding evidence that an ancient civilization truly existed, and close to Mt Shasta too! I doubt if they called themselves Lemurians, or if all the silly legends about them are true. However, I do think this area was populated, by an advanced civilization many, many years ago.

I am not saying that I believe there is currently a race of people living in the Mt Shasta Volcano. Surly there are better places to live than in an active volcano? Frankly I dont give much credence one way or the other to these fantastic stories, but I am certain that I found an ancient site. Not to far from Mt Shasta. So if you are looking for the truth about our ancient history, Please, take a good look at what I have found, and figure out what they really are. I hope to bring this area to life through, the information I have collected as well as the numerous Edgar Cayce readings that support my findings.

I am making this information public because I sent my evidence to the Oregon Archeology department and within a few weeks the google earth images were blocked. Probably just a coincidence. However, I did save pictures of most things before they were blocked. So since I am sure this site would be “buried” by well meaning archeologists, who don’t want to rewrite history, I decided to make the information available to those who are seeking. Its been a hard decision, on one hand what I am about to show you is too important to keep to myself. But, also so important that I fear looters will destroy the information. The reason I say “destroy the information” Is because there is a pictorial history written in the desert that gives an account of man from conception to ascention. I find it very interesting that when Cayce spoke of the hall of records not only did he say there were 3 halls, but also three means of saving the records. Could one of the means have been to paint them on the surface of the earth?

I found this place a few years ago, and before I knew what it was, I showed  it to friends and family and everyone who would listen. I kept the location secret because I didn’t want to attract treasure hunters. But, I just cant believe this was revealed to me so that I could keep it secret. So, I think its time to share. And I have faith and trust in the universe to open the eyes of those who are meant to see it. Once I reveal my findings I think you will agree, that only enlightened souls should know about this place.

In reading 630-2 he mentions that survivors of Mu settled in Oregon, and that “there still may be seen something of the worship as set up, as the totem or the family tree.” I believe I found this worship center. First, you will probably need google earth to follow along with me. I will present as many photos as possible, but what I am about to reveal, is so amazing, that I am sure you will want to see it for yourself. However, google earth now has a filter over this area that doesn’t allow you to see the colors. Sometimes you can get a clearer image if you look through the google earth historical imagery. To explore the historical images, go to “view” at the top of your tool bar, click on “Historical Imagery” and a sliding bar will flash at the top of the screen. Luckily I saved pictures of these glyphs before the change on google earth, so my pictures will be much clearer, and the colors will be vivid.

This is a large area. With hundreds of full color geoglyphs. At first it is hard to believe a worship center could be this big. But in one of Cayce’s readings 281-25 he describes an entity “as having been a guard to those as they proceeded from one symbol to another in their journey about the Temple. From station to station in the seven phases or seals or stands or places of the activities, they were such as to make each station lead from one to another by ever crossing the one; making the continued web”.
35. (Q)  What were the symbols of the seven stages of man’s development?
(A)  The world as the beetle.  Birth as the cockerel.  The Mind as the serpent.  Wisdom as the hawk.  The varied activities in the cross, the crown, the gate, the door, the way.” As I take you on this google earth journey I will show you these symbols plain as day in this desert area.  Not only was it a huge place, but you needed a guard to be taken from place to place.LewisClarkTrailMap

Reading 620-1:  Before this we find the entity was during those periods when there were the settlings in the land that is now known as the Northwest, when there were the enterings into this land of those peoples from across what is now known as Alaska or Bering Straits; those individuals that journeyed into the lands now known as the Columbia River section. The entity then was among those whom the strangers from the East met with; that were not the native Indians nor those from across the sea, but the remnants of those people who were of the tribes that were lost or that had journeyed to the land, that had settled in the Aleutian Islands; that were of the Caucasian or white race that settled in the valley, with which Clark came in contact or found there.” The Columbia River is in Oregon, and again Cayce is talking about the lost tribes of Israel. So, I believe this is why we see so many glyphs with Hebrew overtones.

Also, another Cayce reading #440-5:
The stones that are set in the front of the temple, between the service temple and the outer court temple – or the priest activity, for later there arose (which may give a better idea of what is meant) the activities of the Hebrews from this – in the altar that stood before the door of the tabernacle. This altar or stone, then, in Yucatan, stands between the activities of the priest (for, of course, this is degenerated from the original use and purpose, but is the nearest and closest one to being found).”
There are many more Cayce readings that discuss the Ancient Hebrew traditions as being similar to the Atlantis Priests.

My first question was, what native tribe could have created these geoglyphs? So, I compared the pictures that are “painted” there to every native culture, but they didn’t fit. None of it made actual since to me until I came across the Readings of Edgar Cayce. The “earth art” and message’s written there, does fit with the legends we know of Atlantis, and Lemuria. How this information “came” to me is pretty interesting too, and I will cover it later for anyone interested in how I found this, because it wasn’t by accident. It was a spiritual journey and if that part bores you then you should probably skip it. Also, most of these glyphs must be seen with your google “eye” tilted slightly up as if you are flying across the area, not looking straight down.


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